About Us

GCAMTips is a website founded by Pankaj Patel that provides Gcam APK ports for Android smartphones.

Pankaj has been an Android enthusiast since the launch of the first Android phone in 2008. With a degree in Computer Science and several years of experience working on Android apps and devices, Pankaj realized there was a need for a resource that offered easy-to-install Gcam ports for all major Android phones.

That’s why in 2023 he launched GCAMTips – to share his expertise in finding, testing and porting Google’s Camera app to work properly on non-Pixel phones. The site curates and provides direct download links to the best Gcam APK’s for devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more.

Pankaj handles all the research and development himself. He extensively tests each port on the respective device before making it available for download. This ensures users get a stable Gcam mod with features like HDR+, Portrait Mode, Night Sight and more working properly.

In addition to Gcam ports, Pankaj also publishes tutorials and tips to help users get the most out of the app. The site has quickly become a go-to resource for the Android community looking to improve their phone’s camera quality.

When he’s not testing new ports, Pankaj enjoys photography, coding small apps, and contributing to Android forums and groups. He’s always open to collaborations with other developers or brands that align with the mission of providing Android users with the best Google Camera experience.